The Gamespot All Time Greatest Game hero

all time greatest game hero

all time greatest game hero

Well, as we are all in the midst of the voting for the the all time greatest gamehero. All of us gamers have played numerous games on PCs, portable and home consoles and have come across several characters that have made their mark in our hearts. While some of us might want our favourite to win some might still be upset for not getting their heroes in the contest. Well I respect the ideologies of everyone of the gamers and want each one to vote the hero of their own choice. Here’s just a basic idea of what it’s all about.


What is the all time greatest game hero?

The All Time Greatest Game Hero is an opportunity for gamers, gamespot’s editorial staff, game publishers, and every part of the gaming community to come together and settle the question: Who is the single greatest hero ever to star in a video game? Unlike other polls this one isn’t a quick one that you vote in once and walk away from. This one’s for all the marbles. The winning hero will receive a special honor that eventually come to live on GameSpot, permanently, and the winning voters who correctly pick the winning brackets and the greatest heroes will win all the glory in the form of bragging rights and fabulous prizes, while the losers suffer the agony of defeat.

How the contest works?

Heroes will meet in head-to-head matchups, and users will vote who is the better of the two. The winner of each round will progress to a new opponent in the next round. The results will be after the final rounds of voting are tallied.

Making Picks:
After you sign up at, you will have access to an on-line brackets page listing 64 of the All-Time Greatest Game Heroes and their round one match-ups.

standingsParticipants must enter their projected winners of all 63 match-ups of the Tournament, round by round. Beginning with round two, the Administrator will weigh predictions for each successive round more heavily than the previous round in accordance with the table below. Points will be awarded by multiplying your number of correct predictions of winning match-ups in each round of the Contest by the weight assigned to each applicable round. For example, you would receive five (5) points for five correct predictions of winning teams in round one, and ten (10) points for five correct predictions of winning match-up in round two. You will receive an individual score for each of the six Tournament rounds and an overall score, which is the combined total of your individual round scores.

Full Bracket Scoring:


Coliseum of 64

Arena of 32

Storied 16

Elite 8

Fabled 4

Final Showdown

Weight per each correct pick            1pt          2pts          4pts          6pts          10pts         15pts

There have been 2 rounds already and we’ve arrived with the storied sixteen. They are all respectable heroes and of course because they are on gamers demand. But how far is it true? Well after being through the standings and comments I’ve felt that many have been left behind while others not quite liked by many have proceeded further in the contest. Many claim that the contest is rigged not very precise. I however would like to remain on the neutral side and patiently wait for the final results before making any conclusions. Till then I would regularly be posting updates of the contest.

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