Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines Review


Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines


Developer(s):      Ubisoft Montreal

                                    Griptonite games

Publisher(s):      Ubisoft

Platform(s):        PlayStation Portable only

Genre(s):              Third-person, Action-adventure

ESRB:                      Mature

Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, the PSP instalment of the successful Assassin’s Creed franchise has arrived with really anxious hearts but why is it that I feel relieved after completing this game and thank God that it didn’t last any longer. Well, read my review on Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines and find out-


We play as Altair-Ibn-La-ahad, the protagonist from Assassin’s Creed. The story is set months after the events of the original Assassin’s Creed. The game largely revolves around the cities of Limassol and Kyrenia in the island of Cyprus. Altair tries to find out the reason of the Templar gathering in Cyprus and plans to assassinate the last of them. The antagonist is Armand Bouchart, who has become the Grand Master of the Templar Order. He seeks the “Apple of Eden”, which allows the user to control the minds of people and make them carry out the bidding of whoever is using the Apple. Altair has to well, of course stop him from using the Templar Archive to further their goals by carrying out a series of assassinations and interrogations. The plot offers nothing new and is not mesmerizing at all and till the time someone will try to dissolve himself into the game you’ll get into some very predictable and not at all fascinating boss fights. Completely absurd twists in the plot make the gamer feel the weightlessness of it, leave alone feeling the legend of the franchise.


Making the leap of faith is now the only enjoyable thing


The gameplay is expected to play stealthily but stupid and poor Artificial Intelligence, numerous glitches, and frustrating controls all these elements fall way short of providing even a tolerable gameplay. The combat has got nice and good looking special moves and counter attacks but is very repetitive. If you run, take a leap or climb a wall the guards doltishly take out their swords and murmur something and the moment they are alerted of our presence they shout out, “I’ve found the assassin.” I mean alright, I was moving for the past hour and killing your comrades right in front of you and now you found me. Bravo! They would run towards you and start attacking foolishly in the same repetitive way and with a very, very restricted quantity of moves. Same goes for us. Where we feel that our move is executed well and are expecting an awe-inspiring visual, poor sound effects spoil all the fun. The graphics of the environment, however, I would say are well designed but again as you get closer to objects I don’t seem to understand why they undergo a transformation, a heap of hay suddenly increases in quantity, invisible foes suddenly appear and give you a fright. In spite of this at some instances the game seems fun like chasing some enemy or stealthily assassinating him and of course interrogating foes.

But don’t forget the sticky and frustrating control scheme that would just get you all mixed up and you might be jumping off a roof when you just want to climb on a small platform. Altair just doesn’t perform jumps when he is supposed to and will bounce off walls unnecessarily and wouldn’t get hold of a protruding brick that would just be at his height level.

Apart from this there are always plenty of glitches to give you company and make you regret about the bucks you’ve spent on this game when you’re gradually starting to feel that the game isn’t so bad after all.



Never judge a game by just by its visuals



Graphics aren’t so poor after all but the environments and character details are no more than what has already been delivered to the PSP years back. Yet shadowing and lighting is fine. The game occasionally looks beautiful and there is no denying that. Cutscenes offer almost the same graphics as the normal gameplay and you seriously can’t make out in which direction a person is looking. Textures aren’t so blocky but not outstanding. Frustrating and completely insane glitches are spotted not only in the gameplay but the cutscenes as well. In an interval a foe might be having a beard but in the following one the appearance drastically changes, like balding of a man or change in his robes. Well, that can be neglected, can’t it??

Graphics aren't so bad



The game has been delivered well with simplified menus and the ability to repeat levels using memory blocks. There are a variety of accomplishments that will get you hooked up to your PSP for hours after completing the single-player story…just kidding, in reality even the campaign is so frustrating and can be completed only by gamers who’ve either got loads of free time or the really dedicated ones. The campaign is quite short, but honestly that’s something good J. This 5-7 hours of play offers quite a lot in a compact form altogether but far from the original title. Silver and Gold Templar coins are well hidden sometimes on high rooftops and are nicely spread across the game. Using these coins you can upgrade Altair’s abilities such as increase in synchronisation rates and delivering critical hits.

Looks nice... at least in the screenshot


The navigation map actually is fine but you’ve to get used to it. While in alert phase, the map highlights spots for camouflaging and becoming anonymous. There are gates connected to different areas of Limassol and others as well. Guards are spread across the city looking keenly towards us and occasionally becoming suspicious. The crowd acts completely abnormally also disappearing after turning at corners. So you can’t really follow them and killing them drains your health like anything, but you can still have fun by grabbing them. Honestly, the only really entertaining thing I found was running and jumping across platforms and rooftops. Climbing has never been made so easy. But issues are here too, you would struggle to get hold of objects as already mentioned and Altair would hang down buildings when commanded to jump. The game is far too easy. I never had to replay a boss fight or a mission. Exceptions, however, occurred because of either stupid bugs or sticky control schemes. One thing that is great is the connectivity between the PSP game and Assassin’s Creed 2 on the PS3. Depending on your progress you can unlock new things in both –going from the PSP to PS3 gets you 6 new weapons whereas on the PSP you get a few things too.


News about the translation of the original Assassin’s Creed

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