Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Microsoft XBox 360

The gaming consoles have been there whenever we needed them. However, deciding among buying one of those is where a problem arises. Talking of the present that is according to gaming the seventh generation. Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are the consoles that amaze today’s gamers. But of course, if we’ve got to buy one of them we often tend to compare them. We try to find out which console is superior and in terms of what. Well the most debated consoles of this era are the Xbox 360 and the PS3. So, it’s Xbox 360 vs. PS3 or should I say the blu-ray vs. DVD or Dual Shock/Six Axis vs. Xbox 360 controller, motion sensing vs. no motion sensing, more exclusives vs. less exclusive games, the new and supporting cell processor vs. the 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon, the PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live, XrossMediaBar vs. Xbox 1.0 OS (not quite sure of 360’s OS).

So here’s an overall comparison to help you out in choosing among these two home consoles.



PlayStation 3-

ps3The console was most awaited by PlayStation fans. This console was the second in the seventh generation era and brought about the use of blu-ray discs. This console has received many great exclusive titles that provide the most innovative and new kind of gaming experience. Titles from a hell lot of genres shooting, sports, stealth, strategy, action-adventure and many more make this console even more worth buying. The new introduced cell processor along with the XrossMediaBar OS makes it interactive and provides comparatively much more entertainment in things other than gaming.

Xbox 360

Microsoft’s second version of the Xbox, this console began the seventh generation xbox-360era for home consoles and brought a new stage of superb hardcore graphics. This console was released earlier than the PlayStation 3 and has therefore released many titles. However, it contains less of exclusives compared to the PlayStation 3. The genres for these games are quite versatile similar to the PlayStation 3.

Round 1


PS3- Flash memory input

MemoryStick/PRO/Duo, SD/MMC, CompactFlash/Microdrive

Audio/video output– HDMI 1.3a out, S/PDIF out, AV Multi out, composite video/stereo audio cable, S-Video cable, SCART cable, Component video cable, D-Terminal cable Other- IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR), 4 × USB 2.0, Wired gigabit Ethernetusb-ports

The PlayStation 3’s connectivity is therefore, one of the greatest aspects of Sony’s latest home gaming console. Apart, from these too there is more to it. It’s called the PlayStation Portable connectivity. One can simply plug it in using the USB cable into the PS3 (but of course you’ll have to have a PSP firstJ) and surf through some videos, images and of course play music on an altogether great interface. PSP connectivity is also available in different games.

Xbox 360- 3 × USB 2.0, IR port, 100 Mbit Ethernet, Add-on: Wifi 802.11a/b/g

Therefore, here the PlayStation 3 is easily overpowering XBox 360. PS3 has 4 USB ports whereas the XBox 360 has 3. The 360 has no compatibility with other consoles.

Round 2


PS3- The Blu-Ray disc can of course store massive data that too of amazingly high quality. Therefore, gamers are unlikely to find any problem with the stupefying graphics of this console. Be it, detailing or features of characters, the headlights of cars or impressively designed atmospheres and gaming environments. Also the graphics of the PS3 are said to be brighter.

Xbox 360- The DVD copies are easily available and at comparatively low prices but have less memory space making the game not at its full potential.

Winner- PlayStation 3

Round 3


dual-shock-3PS3- The Controller of the PS3 is actually THE controller. Great no. of buttons which fit into the games’ controls perfectly. Also one thing that cannot be left out is the Six Axis. Of course, motion sensing is fun (all Wii owners might be well aware of that). And motion sensing plus vibration in hardcore games is something we could only dream of. The Dual Shock 3 controller having the SIXAXIS is easily a great controller.

controllerXBox 360- The XBox 360 controller is all the more good with great vibrations but of course has no motion sensing and any new concept that is introduced.

So, clearly again the black beauty is successful in winning the round.

Round 4


playstation-3-exclusives-copyPS3- Although, the was a almost a year later than the XBox 360 and thus has received lesser titles but which are in no way less varied and even better than the 360. It no doubt has better and more greatly accepted exclusives than the XBox. Awesome titles like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Resistance series, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword and exceeding greatly in sales Motor Storm.

XBox 360- It has great no. of game libraries but fewer exclusives. Games cover vast genresxbox-360-exclusives-copy but are more or less available for the PlayStation 3 as well.

So, Hats off for The PlayStation 3 yet again.

Round 5


PS3- The PlayStation 3 altogether brought an enormous change in graphics. It’s graphics are said to be brighter and taking full advantage of the blu-ray’s capacity. It has absolutely stunning environments and superb detailing altogether.comparision

comparision-2XBox 360- The XBox as it came into the next generation brought along great graphics that were highly detailed. It too has great environments along with other various aspects in the gameplay.

This topic has been talked about the most therefore, I declare it a tie as no one seems to be a clear winner.

Round 6


ps-networkPS3- Here is the one of the few unlucky places where the PS3 pales (or the score would have been 6-0J). Of course, the PlayStation Network is a great feature and is there for many of the games. It can be accessed freely which is the advantage.

xboxlive1XBox 360- XBox Live, surely XBox owners might have loved it. This simply terrific online experience has a great no. of game libraries containing arcades and all lot of stuff.

The XBox 360 is finally successful in opening it’s accounts thenJ.

Why the Hatred?

I’m sorry for XBox fans but I really can’t find the 360 getting some hold. Well the little bit it even earned is all meaningless and untrustworthy. Surprised? Well here is where the RRoD comes in. Read further my experience. 


rrodThe Red Ring of Death is the nickname given to the technical problems of the XBox 360. It could general hardware failure that occurs in the XBox 360. Can be identified by a series of red lights flashing on the face of the console; the three flashing red lights. Warning signs may include freeze-ups, in which the screen has strange, spontaneous graphical problems in the middle of gameplay, such as checkerboard or pinstripe patterns on the screen, the sound is frozen and changed to a strange, static-like sound, and the console only responds to pressing the power button to turn it off. These events may happen once or several times until the general hardware failure occurs, or not at all.

My terrible experience- Well I really have had the experience. Yup! I’d bought the 360 for a trial. xbox_rrodHowever, just suddenly when I was just about to start off with Gears of War, having a look at the control scheme when suddenly BLANK. My heart stopped beating. All I could see was my new console. Suddenly what caught my eye was breathtaking. I could see the Main button of the XBox blinking red on its edges. That was the moment when I thought that my console was going to blow up. I was just staring blankly at the powerful yet cruel Red Ring of Death, when I got back to my senses. I had read about the RRod but never thought it could occur to me. Well thanks to the net that I saw the cure for it although that moment could not be forgotten.

The cure- All I did was wrapped about 4 towels around the console. Switched on the AC and took it close towards it. I really don’t know how this was effective but in just a few minutes I was back with my hands on vibration with the gunshots of Marcus Fenix.

The Oath- That very day though after enjoyment of playing I decided to return the console immediately and buy the alternative the PS3. Also, I promised to spread awareness about this dangerous XBox 360 epidemic and insist new gamers not to buy this at all. I’d rather give them the option Wii, PS2 even PSP but not the 360. I’ll always have reasons to prove the 360’s defeat against its competitors.

So as we come to an end of the fight we find that-

PlayStation 3- 4

XBox 360- 1-1 (for the RRod)

So, the PlayStation 3 is successful in defeating the 360 4-love.


Conclusion- Never buy an XBox 360. Prefer others first.

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A Thanks To Video Games

Talking of gamers they rarely get bored. Different gamers have different ideas to keep them from gloominess. However, some may even be serious and sophisticated gamers. One might just pick up the PSP and get into hours of play. Or just insert the Blu-ray into your PS3, get into some interactive Wii Sports or of course plug into Xbox Live and get gaming with online friends. But aren’t we missing something. Yes, having simply a console isn’t enough if there aren’t any games. So, this post is for those great game developers that have provided us with tremendous titles. Be it shooting, racing, and stealth, action-adventure or real time strategy games. Here are some fan arts prepared by me just to remind ourselves of those game series’ we’ve all debated on or played. 

FINAL FANTASY: Taking us to fantasy of course, this game really inspires gamers and makes them have a want for these awesome games. They have a great number of games in the series which all provide experiences as characters varying from Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack and many more.


GRAND THEFT AUTO- This series can never be forgotten. It has provided us with games which have everything from great graphics, stunning shooting mechanics, superb story missions, tremendous experiences of driving a hell lot of vehicles and all of it powered by a long list of helpful cheats.


HALO: A very popular shooting series which has impressed almost all gamers especially Xbox owners. With Halo 3 coming in the series this game got a huge boost and its sales crossed millions. Overall, a very satisfying and awesome series.




MARIO: This series is easily the most popular one ever. This great mario series starting from old 64 bit graphics to awesome ones on the Wii. The Mario experience has altogether changed but the fun is the same. An exclusive Nintendo gaming consoles series this game series has easily overpowered the other ones in the matter of sales.


METAL GEAR SOLID: The series containing one of the best games ever, the metal gear solid series has entirely changed the experience of gaming. “Tactical Espionage Action”, a game genre that was never thought of many game developers. This best stealth series provides us such a wide variety of elements that it is quite difficult missing the games of this seires.  Awesome story based on current events beautiful voice acting, altogether with fantastic graphics and gameplay make it must to play.

Metal Gear Solid

RESISTANCE: This really great FPS  along with a handheld third person shooter adding up in the series is also a must buy for PS3 and PSP owners. The Chimeran race seems to be extinguished but turns up at various places and seems almost never ending. However, we gamers have to complete the task in this terrific shooting series.


So we see that game developers have gifted us with just the games we can imagine about. So thanks to all of them out there, thank you for making our life so pleasant. 🙂

NOTE: I’m sorry if I missed out other series’, please don’t feel bad or complain.

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Solid Snake through the ages

Our friend solid snake (old snake lately) has always proved to be the hero, be it any MGS game or against any metal gear or foe. Unfortunately, he had to go through accelerated aging. Let’s have a look of snake’s different appearances and ages.


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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review



Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Developer: Square Enix 

Publisher: Square Enix

Designer: Hajime Tabata 

Writer: Kazushige Nojima

Artist: Tetsuya Nomura 

Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto

Platform(s): PlayStation Portable Only

Genre: Action role-playing game

ESRB: Teen



the team is back on the PSP


Final Fantasy is always known for its great stories creative characters and something innovative every time. This time it’s Crisis Core in debate the prequel to the game Final Fantasy VII. This time it brings a whole new antagonist Zack a spike haired boy. Square Enix is able to deliver a great game with a few drawbacks but altogether a whole new experience on the Sony’s Handheld.

The story of Crisis Core is great and poignant. The cutscenes are stunning and amazing, be it Zack handing over his legacy to Cloud or beating down his enemies on a train. The connection between the stories of Zack, Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis is weaved and connected in a beautiful way. The immense way in which the story moves through smoothly and with enriched voice acting is truly inspiring. Zack wanting to become Soldier 1st class, Genesis occasionally speaking out verses from LOVELESS, Angeal telling Zack to always protect his honor or the meeting of the three friends at last everything is carried out in such a great way. All this and more make crisis core not only one great RPG but also one of the best RPGs for the PSP in years.


(Spoiler alert)

Set seven years prior to the events of the first Final Fantasy VII, the Shinra Company is rapidly increasing its influence through its monopoly on mako energy and military might. With the burgeoning city of Midgar as its base and symbol of prosperity, Shinra is on the verge of establishing absolute dominance over the world.

Genesis goes missing after he is assigned to finish the Wutai troops. Zack and Angeal go to investigate but even Angeal goes missing. Zack on command of director Lazard along with a Turk, Tseng goes to Angeal’s home town Banora to retrieve him. Eventually, Zack finds out that both Genesis and Angeal are mutated which is shown by a wing on their backs. The Shinra Army then destroys the village. Sephiroth then goes along with Zack to the mako reactor to find the truth behind the mutation. They find out about Project G and that Dr. Hollander is working with them. Genesis appears and confronts Sephiroth whereas Zack goes after Hollander. Zack is obstructed by Angeal who blows him underground



The Shinra Building


where he meets Aerith. Zack then returns to SOLDIER. After that, Zack meets a Shinra trooper, Cloud who seems to be of the same background. Both become great friends. Later on, Zack battles Genesis but instead of being captured Genesis appears to have committed suicide. Moving further Zack battles Angeal against his will who is unable to control his mutation. Angeal gets defeated and hands over the Buster Sword to Zack. Sephiroth along with Zack move to examine the mako reactor at Nibleheim. There Sephiroth realizes that he himself is implanted with Jenova cells and is meant to be a monster. He sets Nibleheim ablaze. Zack battles him but is defeated. Eventually Cloud comes into battle. Sephiroth had pierced him with his sword but still Cloud is able to defeat him. Both Cloud and Zack faint and are then taken as Hojo’s experiment. Zack awakes and takes cloud who is inflicted with mako energy during the experiment. Both try to evade the Shinra Army. Then Zack reaches Gongaga where he finds that Genesis is alive and Hollander gets affected by the cells too. Hollander is defeated and Director Lazard returns as an Angeal copy. Zack alone moves


Occasional verses from "LOVELESS"


further and towards his final battle with Genesis. Genesis wants to capture Zack as he knows that he was injected with Sephiroth’s cells. Zack finally defeats his beast form and Genesis half dead is taken back to the surface. He finds that Lazard was attacked by the Shinra. He discovers that he had left Midgar for 4 years now. He takes Cloud evading the Shinra. The Turks plan to without fight capture Zack before Shinra but are unsuccessful. Zack tries to defend his honor but is defeated and killed. Cloud comes up to Zack and obtains the Buster Sword swearing to carry on his legacy.

(Spoilers end)




Cutscenes are truly beautiful


The graphics of Crisis Core would probably make a person jump up and down with awe and he might want to see them again and again. The graphics of the fully rendered cinematic sequences are awe-inspiring and therefore easily the best on the PSP. The graphics form the main part of this game which earn appreciation from every gamer. The high detail of the bodies and the superb textures which are well known in final fantasy movies are perfectly displayed in this game. With great summons being called quite often we get to see their awesome attacks again and again. The gameplay graphics however weren’t as dramatic and detailed as the one’s in the cutscenes but still there’s a great job done with the shadow and lighting effects.



Summons can really be deadly

<a href="http://thesupreme

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review



MGS4 cover

Developer: Kojima Productions

Publisher: Konami

Designer, Director, Writer, Producer: Hideo Kojima

Platform(s): PlayStation3 Only

Genre: Stealth action game

ESRB: Mature


No one had possibly thought that games could be taken to such a limit of perfection. For a game to be perfect it has to be perfect in every field that it displays. And, all this is done by one game. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The game is absolutely stunning both technically and for its specialty, the stealth style gaming. The game physics are too awesome and easily the best in any game yet. The immense detailing leaves the gamers far too impressed. This game has got various elements and it has truly succeeded in perfecting each and every one of them.



MGS4 game environments

MGS4 game environments

The game environments are what make the game the best ever. For example you start the game in the areas of the Middle East where you’ll find yourself in the midst of a war and in the very next level you are there in dense forests of South America sent to retrieve your ally. We get to travel across the beautiful streets and roads of Eastern Europe shadowing a member of a Resistance group and just in the following mission you end up in a fully frozen airbase. We also reach a stage where we have to cross a room of lethal microwaves. Whatever the surroundings maybe the game has perfectly been made to make it look realistic and provide the best experience to any sort of gamer. Other game designs such as of individual players and soldiers are simply awesome.



Story is truly well thought with a complete twisting plot which makes the gamers sit fixed till the very end. The player may not get bored even at the third or fourth play through. The plot revolves around Solid Snake who is now turned Old Snake due to accelerated aging. He has been injected by FOXDIE virus and is going for his final mission to free the world from Liquid Ocelot who plans to take control over a society named ‘Sons of the Patriots (SOP)’. Finally we have to infect the system with a virus to destroy all plans along with the ‘SOP’ system. We finally engage in combat with Liquid himself and return only with success but to finally bid farewell to the next generation which is set to live in peace.



The gameplay has separate elements which can be classified easily but the explanation always ends up short.




The octocamo works well

The octocamo works well

One of the most innovative and superb thing is the OctoCamo. It enables us to camouflage with nearly any kind of object including carpet patterns, trees, crates and even the grass and sand. Just lie flat or stick to an object for a few seconds the camo will be switched on. To shake of the OctoCamo just shake off the PS3 controller. The SIXAXIS in the controller senses the motion and you’re back to your original state. The camouflage percentage is determined by the camo index. Whose percentage increases as you became less and less visible. This camouflage technique proves best to fool the enemy soldiers.

Cut scenes play a major role in forming an impression of the game on the gamers

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