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Resistance: Retribution Review


Resistance: Retribution

Developer: Sony Bend

Publisher: SCEA

Platform(s): PlayStation Portable Only

Genre: Third-person shooter

ESRB: Mature

Insomniac’s Resistance makes it to the PSP but this time the credit goes to Sony Bend. Retribution has brought to us a great storyline, entertaining gameplay and an entirely beautiful experience.


Retribution has a brilliant plot which is altogether inebriating. The chimeran invasions at various locations, exploring more into the conversion process and somewhat unexpected turns make the game running smoothly at a fine pace. The story has almost all that is needed, however, with a few unintelligent and flawed situations.

The protagonist- JAMES GRAYSON

James Grayson

The Mercenary

This British soldier is clearly a very impressive character and has a lot of effect on the entire game. At times he might seem heroic but a few moments later he is back giving out obscenities and vulgar expressions  not only to the chimeras and his French allies but surprisingly even to himself. Grayson’s hatred for Mallery is quite well defined as, in almost every location that he encounters Mallery we come across the line- “I really hate Mallery.”

So, we really couldn’t have missed that. 🙂 


Sony Bend has succeeded in putting up a good looking game however taking this aspect into consideration we come across many glitches which could feel frustrating or rather, stupid.

Detalling is simply too great

The lighting and shadowing effects are undoubtedly applaudable and the beautifully detailed environments cannot be neglected. The cutscenes before the start of every chapter (do not confuse with the in game cutscenes) are immensely satisfying and awe inspiring. The realistic fire, water and other environments and well detailed foes, all add up to it. 

The detailing is like never before on the PSP (however much similar to Syphon Filter series). The weapon reloading and firing bullets are full of realism. The intensity at which the enemies blow up and the blood effects are great. The in game cutscenes (mentioned earlier) especially the characters seriously needed some improvement in detailing. At certain instances in the game we might end up looking at a squint eyed Mallery or even Grayson carrying an idiotic expression.


gameplay 1

Brilliant effects and shooting mechanics provide a great gaming experience

The Gameplay (also includes the Artificial Intelligence and in game physics) is a major component that makes this game even better. The shooting mechanics are simply too great and the wide variety of weapons ranging from carbines to LAARK rockets, the hybrid Razor or the Auger help tackling different enemies. The newly introduced auto aim feature is nicely presented. Before the release of the game this feature was quite controversial and received a critical approach from many gamers as they said that it would make the game considerably easy. However, self exploding Boilers, outnumbering hybrids, mighty and gigantic Titans, frustrating leapers and many more chimeras are always there to compensate and we would hate to think what it would be like without the auto aim.

Defeating the enemies is not quite easy if you’re not ready with a strategy or plan. Switching quickly from the storm rifle for getting a headshot of a Boiler to a LAARK rocket or Grenade to deal with a Titan requires quick thinking. When to use Chaingun and Auger shields, benefits of alternate ammunitions require experience and practice. Pushing crates or pulling down levers is achieved by reaching to the object, pressing the up button and constantly pressing X. Such minigames are interactive and are guided through well.

defeating the titan

Titan!! Get the LAARK!


 Controls are practically easy. The R1 fires, secondary fire with the L1, the UP button zooms in, RIGHT changes weapons, camera control with the functional buttons (circle, square, cross and triangle) and movement with the analog stick is quite comfortable (non-sticky too). The crosshairs auto aim on the enemies but if we zoom in, in weapons like the Fareye (Sniper) it goes into manual aim. Sitting in one of the hammers and shooting down enemies is great fun. Using its powerful chaingun or missiles makes blowing up the Chimera easier. Walking into tunnels or climbing crates does a fine job getting through. The swimming mechanics are great. Grayson dives and stays and holds his breath either till he dies or till we resurface him. Poor guy.
All of this and more make the gameplay simply amazing.

A few improvements here and there could have been made such as better use of AI and a little more authenticity throughout the game. One thing that is not negligible is the extremely sticky cover system. Whenever we get near a wall, crates or covers Grayson automatically slips into cover. While running for health capsules, two massive Titans behind you and, oops, you get near a cover. What then? It simply attracts you like there is a magnetic pull. This seriously can be is frustrating. However, slight ups and downs do not completely disappoint a gamer and the gameplay nears perfection.


This game truly has a fabulous presentation with lots of innovative elements and ideas. Everything from location selects to autosaves, it’s immensely beautiful and well presented.


The location select

There’s got to be something more than just the campaign and there is. Skill points that the series is well known for are presented in a wide variety for different areas and locations in Retribution. The intel are spread all over the game and are to be collected from secret spots like openings near the end of a wall which lead to a room, pushing crates to lead to secret passageway are few  of them.

Unlockable content

The unlockables especially the l

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A Thanks To Video Games

Talking of gamers they rarely get bored. Different gamers have different ideas to keep them from gloominess. However, some may even be serious and sophisticated gamers. One might just pick up the PSP and get into hours of play. Or just insert the Blu-ray into your PS3, get into some interactive Wii Sports or of course plug into Xbox Live and get gaming with online friends. But aren’t we missing something. Yes, having simply a console isn’t enough if there aren’t any games. So, this post is for those great game developers that have provided us with tremendous titles. Be it shooting, racing, and stealth, action-adventure or real time strategy games. Here are some fan arts prepared by me just to remind ourselves of those game series’ we’ve all debated on or played. 

FINAL FANTASY: Taking us to fantasy of course, this game really inspires gamers and makes them have a want for these awesome games. They have a great number of games in the series which all provide experiences as characters varying from Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack and many more.


GRAND THEFT AUTO- This series can never be forgotten. It has provided us with games which have everything from great graphics, stunning shooting mechanics, superb story missions, tremendous experiences of driving a hell lot of vehicles and all of it powered by a long list of helpful cheats.


HALO: A very popular shooting series which has impressed almost all gamers especially Xbox owners. With Halo 3 coming in the series this game got a huge boost and its sales crossed millions. Overall, a very satisfying and awesome series.




MARIO: This series is easily the most popular one ever. This great mario series starting from old 64 bit graphics to awesome ones on the Wii. The Mario experience has altogether changed but the fun is the same. An exclusive Nintendo gaming consoles series this game series has easily overpowered the other ones in the matter of sales.


METAL GEAR SOLID: The series containing one of the best games ever, the metal gear solid series has entirely changed the experience of gaming. “Tactical Espionage Action”, a game genre that was never thought of many game developers. This best stealth series provides us such a wide variety of elements that it is quite difficult missing the games of this seires.  Awesome story based on current events beautiful voice acting, altogether with fantastic graphics and gameplay make it must to play.

Metal Gear Solid

RESISTANCE: This really great FPS  along with a handheld third person shooter adding up in the series is also a must buy for PS3 and PSP owners. The Chimeran race seems to be extinguished but turns up at various places and seems almost never ending. However, we gamers have to complete the task in this terrific shooting series.


So we see that game developers have gifted us with just the games we can imagine about. So thanks to all of them out there, thank you for making our life so pleasant. 🙂

NOTE: I’m sorry if I missed out other series’, please don’t feel bad or complain.

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