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The Contest FINALLY ends, The All Time Greatest- Gordon Freeman

the winnerThe GAMESPOT ALL TIME GREATEST GAME HERO contest drew to a close on the 15th of October and GORDON FREEMAN emerged as the winner. A message for him-




Gordon we the majority seems to love your crowbar and gravity gun. 


The overall contest gained a lot of popularity and a total of about 200,000 gamers voted in the finals. The contest in a way can be said to have been quite successful at the same time also received a critical approach from many. Many unexpected turns during the voting saw many infuriated gamers. It may be Master Chief or Sonic losing to a pair of dinosaurs (Bub and Bob) or a terrible loss for the Metal Gear fans 😦 The Contest was popularized all over and grabbed a lot of attention.





It was the PLUMBER and the PHYSICIST in the finals. Mario vs. Freeman.

Many had thought Mario to be the undeniable winner at the start of this contest with his great margins of victory. However, the tables turned the first day of the finals itself. Gordon Freeman was at quite a lead. Mario was then beginning to gain 1% a day but eventually to lose. A pity for the entire Mario dynasty.

Gordon Freeman the MIT graduated Half Life protagonist was of course doing quite well from the beginning. After, his victory over Snake great expectations rose. I mean SNAKE vs. FREEMAN that seemed more like a final 50-50 difference of just 119 votes. It could be possible that Solid Snake would be the winner.

Seemed more like the finals. Didn't it??




What could be improved?

  • The contest moved on for a month with 5 days for each round. Seriously, could have been shortened.
  • Many characters were not included and many unnecessary ones were. A poll should have been held regarding this too.
  • The WINNER was not for every genre. Classifications or separation on this basis could have been done.
  • Different bracket results were not easily accessible.

But finally whatever we say the Contest ends to the contentment of many 🙂



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